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Waiver Day 2015 Survey

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Please rate the following agenda items from the January 5 Waiver Day.   1 = Not Useful and 5 = Very Useful

  Not Effective Average Very Effective 
Presentation on High Schools that Work and SRP Visit 
Presentation on the Advanced-Ed Visit 
Presentation on WebExams (CT) or Technology (Academic) 
Incident Command Training 
Having Departmental Work Time/Planning Time 

If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session High Schools that Work and SRP visit?

If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session Advanced-Ed?


If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session WebExams (CT) or Technology (Academic)?


If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session Incident Command Training?


If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session Department/Planning work time?


Please list anything you would like the district to pursue/host/develop professional development opportunities for.

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