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Waiver Day 2015 Survey

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1. Please rate the following agenda items from the January 5 Waiver Day.   1 = Not Useful and 5 = Very Useful

Not Effective
Very Effective
Presentation on High Schools that Work and SRP Visit
Presentation on the Advanced-Ed Visit
Presentation on WebExams (CT) or Technology (Academic)
Incident Command Training
Having Departmental Work Time/Planning Time

Total: 555

2. If anything, what would you add/delete/change about the session High Schools that Work and SRP visit?






​Make it easier for us to follow along and understand. 


​Good presentation


​The material could have been covered in 5 minutes or less.


​nothing changed


​More specifics about what the visits are actually like.


​It was fine probably best suited for newer staff. ​




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Male sex enhancement supplements were designed to increase your penis size and improve erectile function. Read more information on this suggested website


Male sex enhancement supplements were designed to increase your penis size and improve erectile function. Read more information on this suggested website

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