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Copyright Friendly Video

​ ​​C​​​opyright-Friendly​ V​ideo 

Fact:  Every picture, song, essay or other original creation is automatically granted a copyright license. Crea​​tive Commons is a place where you may grant permission to use your original works as well as use the works of others.  There are many types of licenses provided by Creative Commons. 

Click here​ to do a CC search for usable videos, pictures, clip art, and music.

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The Futures Education Channel was founded to provide video while partnering publishers, science centers, professional development providers, public television stations, web sites and more for high quality content.

Howcast.JPG Howcast​ boasts professional and user-generated how-to videos in a myriad of topics.

Click to use the INFOhio Digital Video Collection and link to specific videos.

To access INFOhio from home, you will have to enter the INFOhio username and passwoord.  To obtain the username & password, please click here. ​

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​Internet Archive​


​Khan Academy​- website dedicated to 4,000+ free instructional videos After creating an account students can not only view videos, but also use content specific interactive challenges and ​assessments​.  Khan allows students to work at their own pace, to get help in specific deficits areas, and to measure their progress.​ ​


As the name MITvideo indicates, this video source comes from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or more commonly known MIT.  ​It features videos and online courses. Click here to search for a video in a desired subject.


WatchKnowLearn​ ​​​offers free educational videos for grades K-12.  They are organized according to topic.​​​ The site is presently adding a separate section for videos that pertain to the common core on each grade level.​​​​​


The Digital Public Library of America ​​​
​ ​