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​Online Databases and Resources

Proceed to EBSCOhost.      ​ EBSCO Resources on INFOhio
Use one of the links to the right to select a World Book product. WorldBook Online Encyclopedia and Resources on INFOhio
DiscoveryPortalHIRES Discovery Portal on INFOhio
Proceed to LearningExpress Library Learning Express Library
JOBCAR.png Job and Career Accelerator
workforce.png Workforce Skills for the 21st Century
LITERATURE ONLINE: Full-text, searchable works available online to supplement your library's print collections. Poetry, drama an American & English Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Prose
r4s.PNG Research for Success
Science Online has thousands of articles, experiments and videos on science and math topics. Facts on File - Science Online

The DOAJ, or Directory of Open Access Journalswas created in 2002 as a site where people could gain access to reputable scientific and educational articles and information.  Its contributors are growing in number every day.

National Archive Experience.JPG

The National Archives Experience​ ​​​is an excellent resource for the billions of primary sourcesoffered through the general National Archives​.  The National Archives Experience does not simply give students access to original documents, but offers them in a curated collection with which to explore by student selected tags.​​​​