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Card Catalog User's Guide​

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Follett Shelf​​

FollettShelf eBooks have several formats: single-user, multi-user, and audiobooks.  Follett is presently your best bet for finding a pleasure reading eBook. However, it now has nonfiction as well.  

Click Here: Check-out a FollettShelf eBook​​

Click Here: Instructions for Checking Out Follet Ebooks

Click Here: Speed Dating with eBooks​ (w/ Links to reader Apps on Google Play & in iTunes)

Gale ebooks are a multi-user resource. These eBooks are all presently nonfiction and cover a wide range of topics.

Click Here: Check-out a Gale eBook

Click Here: Instructions for checking out Gale eBooks​
Mackin.jpgMackinVIA provides single and multi-user eBooks. They are fiction, nonfiction and audiobooks, covering a wide range of topics.

Click Here: Check-out a MackinVIA eBook

Click Here: Instructions for checking out MackinVIA eBooks​

To access INFOhio from home, you will have to enter the INFOhio username and passwoord.  To obtain the username & password, please click here. 

titlelist.png INFOhio Title List​ titlelistbyauthor.png INFOhio Title List by Author​
The Kindle is an eReader device with preloaded books. With the proper paperwork​ filled out by your parent or guardian, secondary​ students may check out one of the 8 Kindles from the media center.  If you download materials on the media center's Kindle without prior approval, your Kindle privileges may be revoked. If you are interested in reading a book that is not already on the device, please see Mrs. Milner. Available Kindle titles are found in the online catalog​. ​​

Kindles allow eBooks to be read to users orally using the text-to-speech (TTS) function.  Each Kindle also has its own email address which means any WordDoc may be sent to the Kindle allowing the user to view or to be read to when using the TTS function.​​​​​​ Each unique email address is located on the front of each Kindle.​


Bookshare​ is a service available to all students with a current IEP or 504 related to an identified reading issue. It is a service paid for by the Department of Education that allows many copyrighted books and materials to be downloaded in large-print and/or audio format.  For log-in and password information, please contact your VOSE. 

Books for Young Readers


BookFLIX ​​​​is a literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction e-books to build a love of reading and learning.  These books are brought to you through INFOhio, which is also the portal you will gain access to these books.  
ICDL.JPG The International Children's Digital Library or ICDL​ is a free online collection of children's stories from around the world.​
ToonReader.PNG Professor Garfield​ Toon Book Reader offers free graphic novels for younger readers.  They come in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese.  This also makes it an interesting resource for foreign language students.
Starfall.PNG Starfall is an online story service that aims to teach reading through phonics.  It offers fiction, nonfiction, myths, fables and plays to name a few.

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