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Professional Development


Warren C​​ounty Career Center Professional Development

​In Partnership With:

​​​​​Southwest Ohio Instructional Technology Association (SOITA)


Bargaining Unit Members

​Bargaining Unit members are required to attend four hours of Technology Professional Development under this program.  All workshops under this program are led by the instructors at SOITA or by WCCC Staff.  No one is limited to a mere four hours.  All staff members are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible from this program.  For the first semester, we are offering two series of professional development plus additional workshops on LanSchool.  You may attend single sessions in the series or elect to attend the entire series.  You may elect to attend a Saturday session which covers all topics under the series.

Non-Bargaining Unit Members

Technology Professional Development is encouraged for all staff members including substitute and part time staff.  Workshops are offered at no cost and everyone is welcome.  While the workshops do target education, the topics in Google Apps are relevant for non-teaching personnel and would be effective for everyone. 


Non-Satellite Secondary Staff have a requirement to present one online module of study to their students using Moodle.   Moodle training will take place during the contracted work day and will not count toward the four hour Technology Professional Development requirement for Bargaining Unit Members.    Optional Moodle training will take place for satellite staff second semester after work hours and will include a look at how our instructors are integrating blended learning with Moodle.  Our Moodle server is running version 2.3 and it should be noted that training is available for Moodle 2.0 on Atomic Learning.  Moodle Training will begin the third week in October and will be offered through April.

Atomic Learning

Our subscription to Atomic Learning has been renewed for another year.  This is a fantastic resource full of step by step video tutorials on every aspect of software use including Google Apps for Education, Moodle, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and many many more.  All staff members have an account on Atomic Learning.  If you have not used your account for a long time, please contact the Technology Department to have your password reset.  All new accounts created this year use a default password that will be emailed to you directly.  You can change your password once you have signed into Atomic Learning. 

Future Sessions and Staff Input

Look for a survey before the end of the year....we would appreciate your feedback and input on offerings for next year!

Please take the time to complete SOITA's evaluation survey upon completion of their workshops at You just need to know the date and instructor name to complete this short survey.

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