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Email Setup

​​​WCCC Email Setup Instructions​​​

Mail is always accessible online at

​Setup on Apple iOS devicesSetup on Android devices
​​​​Go into Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
elect Add Account.
Choose the option for Microsoft Exchange.
Fill in the information as follows:
  • Email: Your WCCC email address (
  • Domain: WCCC1
  • Username: The username used on WCCC computers (firstname.lastname)
  • Password: The same password used to sign into WCCC computers or
Tap next. Set any items to on that you want to sync- Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders.​ Tap Save.

iOS mailsetup.png
Go to settings> under Accounts, choose Add Account​
Choos​e the Email account type
Next you will need to enter your email address and password. Choose Manual Setup​
Account Type will be Exchange
At the Account Setup screen, fill in or change the following information:
  • ​​Domain\username: wccc1\firstname.lastname
  • Password: ​Your WCCC password
  • Server:
Tap next and Accept the Remote Security Administration Prompt.

At the Account Options screen, make any desired changes (defaults work very well) and click next. 

If desired, you can give the account a name (WCCC email, etc) and click next to complete setup. ​


In general the settings you will need to know are:

Account type: Microsoft Exchange or Corporate Email. 


Username: Your WCCC username (firstname.lastname)

Password: Same password used to login to computers at WCCC. 

Contact the helpdesk if you have any issues or encounter any errors.