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iPad Enrollment

​​​​​​​​Deploying an iPad

When handed a completely wiped clean iPad:

  1. Connect it to your computer with cable.

  2. Go through the Out of Box Experience. Since it is plugged in you can skip the Wi-Fi as your profile that you install will join it to WCCCPSK. Enable location services. Setup as new iPad. Use Siri. Don’t Send.

  3. Go into settings > General > About > Name > Change the name to the asset tag on the back "Mc023364"

  4. Open iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU). Start > All Programs > iPhone Configutration Utility or Press the Start button and type iPCU.


  5. On the left side select the iPad.

  6. Click on on the Configuration Profiles tab.

  7. Install the Student Profile by clicking install.

  8. The iPad will then want to install the profile. In doing so it will want you to create a 4 digit passcode. Make one up, enter it in, and re-enter the passcode. (This will be given to the student to unlock the iPad later. Have post-it notes ready)

  9. On the iPad, there will now be a link to Profile Manager on the second screen. Click on it to take you to the website.

  10. Select My Devices.

  11. Uncheck Remember me first. Use the student account for students and teacher accounts for teachers.

  12. Click Profiles at the top and click install the Trust profile.

  13. Click on the blue Enroll button and it will prompt you to install the profile. Use the passcode you set for the iPad.

  14. LOGOUT!!!!!! This is extremely important!!!!!!!! or clear Safari by going to Settings > Safari > Click on Clear Cookies and Data

  15. Close out all web pages and it is ready for deployment. You put a post-it note with the passcode on it to remember it and for giving it to the student.

  16. Contact tech department for putting the iPad into the correct group inside of profile manager.